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10 Tips You Should Know Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers


Nowadays, Bluetooth is a common phenomenon found in almost every smart phone operating on any platform. Bluetooth speakers are the latest form of wireless sound technology. Bluetooth speakers offer a whole new level of listening audio. Use of wired connections will soon be a thing of the past and that is why this form Bluetooth technology is important as well as intriguing. However, when purchasing these speakers it worthy to note some of these points:


·       Compatibility

Old phones have different versions of Bluetooth compared to newer ones. It is therefore wise to contact your manufacturer regarding the compatibility of the speakers being purchased. Nowadays, almost all Bluetooth speakers are compatible with almost all phones. 


·       Microchip Used

This may be a little bit technical, but you may need to ensure that the microchip within your speakers are made of the CSR or OVC companies. This is because these two companies hold the most sales of the Bluetooth speakers.


·       Transmission Distance

The range operation does not vary much when it comes to these speakers. Most of them have an approximate range of 33 feet. Usually you can walk up to a distance of 10  15 mwithout interruption, but past that there will always be some hiccups. Consider investing in more robust headsets like the Plantronics Savi 440 that delivers a higher range and more enhanced sound quality.


·       Bluetooth Speaker Edition

Like any other form of technology, there are several version/editions of Bluetooth. There are basically 5 Bluetooth editions. To ensure you have the correct set of speakers, ensure that your speakers has the mainstream version that is 2.0 or higher. The 4.0 is the latest and most advanced.


·       Battery Life

It’s often said, if you do not want to charge, go large. It's a basic principle that should be followed by anyone purchasing these speakers. Bluetooth speakers need a considerable amount of battery life, thus it’s important to have one that has Lithium Polymer Battery. They last longer, thus give you an extended play time and service life. They are also safe because they can’t explode.


·       Weight and Comfortability

This revolves around personal choices. Some speakers have rubber ear buds that may be uncomfortable for some users. Others are designed to sit on the edge of your ear while the others will hook on it. One should seek the speaker that you are comfortable with and relatively light. 


·       Price

Of course price is always a determinant. Cheaper Bluetooth speakers may be tempting, but in the long run might not be perfect. Always look for a Bluetooth speaker from a Top Bluetooth speaker manufacturer despite their pricing. This is because they offer a warranty and a guarantee for their products.


·       Mono Vs Stereo sound

Most headsets, Bluetooth speakers offer mono sound only, if you want the best sound, consider buying stereo type speakers that offer convenience and great sound.


·       Noise cancellation

This is a new feature on speakers that enables them to reduce noise with adaptive DSP algorithms. These speakers can detect environments and adapt to them, ensuring you get the best quality sound. Therefore, when buying Bluetooth speakers, ensure you are well informed of this factor.


·       Sound Quality or Clarity

You want quality sound that is neither too loud nor too silent, just the correct level with the minimum transmission distractions. Different Bluetooth speaker manufacturers have different algorithm to provide the best sounds for your eyes, thus always consider the best sound quality speakers.