General FAQ's

Frequently asked question

Lead acid (Sealed, flooded)

Nickel-based(NiCd and NiMH)

Lithium-ion (Li-ion, polymer)

How should I prepare a new battery?

Battery comes fully charged. Apply topping charge

Charge 14 6h. Priming may be needed

Apply a topping before use. No priming needed

Can I damage a battery with 
incorrect use?

Yes, do not store partially charged, keep fully charged

Battery is robust and the performance will improve with use

Keep some charge. Low charge can turn off protection circuit

Do I need to apply a full charge?

Yes, partial charge causes sulfation,

Partial charge is fine

Partial charge better than a full charge

Can I disrupt a charge cycle?

Yes, partial charge causes no harm

Interruptions can cause heat buildup

Partial charge causes no harm

Should I use up all battery energy before charging?

No, deep discharge wears battery down. Charge more often

Apply scheduled discharges only to prevent memory

Deep discharge wears the battery down

Do I have to worry about memory?

No, there is no memory

Discharge NiCd every 1 months

No memory

How do I calibrate a smart battery?

Not applicable

Apply discharge/charge when the fuel gauge gets inaccurate. Repeat every 1 

Can I charge with the device on?

Some UPS systems simultaneous charge and deliver current.

It's best to turn the device off during charge; parasitic load can alter 
full-charge detection and overcharge battery or cause mini-cycles

Must I remove the battery when full?

Depends on charger; needs correct float V

Remove after a few days in charger

Not necessary; charger turns off

How do I store my battery?

Keep cells above 2.10V, charge every 6 months

Store in cool place a total discharge causes no harm

Store in cool place partially charged, do not fully drain

Is the battery allowed to heat up during charge?

Battery may get lukewarm towards the end of charge

Battery gets warm but must cool down on ready

Battery may get lukewarm towards the end of charge

How do I charge when cold?

Slow charge (0.1): 0-5(32-13°F)Fast charge (0.5): 5-5(41-13°F)

Do not charge below freezing

Can I charge at hot temperatures?

Above25, lower threshold by 3mV/

Battery will not fully charge when hot

Do not charge above50(122°F)

What should I know about chargers?

Charger should float at 2.25-30V/cell when ready

Battery should not get too hot; should include temp sensor

Battery must stay cool; no trickle charge when ready

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