What is Intelligent Power Bank?

What is the Intelligent Power Bank?


The origin of intelligent power bank

The intelligent power bank evolved from power bank, along with the rise and the rapidly development of power bank. It is called the second generation of power bank in this field. The power bank was originated in2003 inChina. From 2007, there were some factories began to get into power bank field, and then this field had rapidly developed in 2011. In 2012, as the popularity of smart phone, the power bank attracted much attention by the smart phone users. The market of power bank warmed up again. In 2000, the first power bank of Trendwoo was on sale. It features in intelligent digital display screen, accurate power capacity display; smart recognitionoutput port, smart recognition of digital device models, and smart pair optimum output current. 


The advantages of the iMato intelligent power bank

The differences between them are: intelligent power bank was built in smart control chip, and it has smart safety protection scheme. These make it safer, smarter, and more convenient and humanized to charge your smart phone. The intelligent power bank, comparing with the common power bank, increases the sense of experience of the user, enhances safety protection device, advances the safety of the product and reduces the potentially dangerous of the product itself.


The features of the iMato intelligent power bank


1. Intelligent digital display screen

Adopt is intelligent precise power capacity display technology, digital display screen, precise power capacity display1%-100%, charge and discharge power capacity display can precisely reach to 1%. Power capacity is within reach and can be mastered at any time.


2. Intelligent recognition output port

Currently the power banks on the market are all fixed output pattern, however, our power bank are firstly used i0 smart recognition output technology. It is capable of intelligent recognition of digital device model & power capacity. In actual use, the interface is compatible with current requirement of different digital devices, maximum current is2.1A.


3. Intelligent current adjustment

Through automatically recognizing smart phone model, intelligent matching optimum charge current and automatically adjusting the current. The output current will not be so high or so low, this can protect the smart phone battery permanently.