Payment Methods

iMato makes paying for your orders easy by providing a range of convenient payment options. 
Below is a guide to the different payment methods, you can choose the right way for you.

Please Note: Your order will now have been placed, but iMato will not start processing your order until you have paid the full amount.

1. Paying with Bank Transfer  

    We accept wire transfer payments for most orders(more than $1,000).

    The bank transfer beneficiary details for iMato are:

  Account Name

   iMato Industrial (HK) Co., Limited

  Account Number


  Beneficiary Bank Name

    HSBC Hong Kong

  Beneficiary Bank Address

   1 Queen's Road Central ,Hong Kong

  SWIFT Code


2. Paying with Western Union  

     First name: Kaiming

     Last name: Li

     Country: China

Notice: After successfully transferring the funds, please email Your Order Number, Paying amount and bank slip to your service sales or

We want to remind all customers they are responsible for any local handling fees and Intermediary bank handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm total payment amounts with their local bank.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at: